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Hunger Free McLeod is an organization that is part of another organization--Common Cup Ministry.  Common Cup Ministry is a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Hunger Free McLeod is a group of volunteers that are trying to help those in McLeod County that are not receiving the food that they need.

This is our mission statement:  The mission of Hunger Free McLeod is to leverage available food resources to provide food to people who would otherwise be missing meals.  We are doing this within the framework of Common Cup Ministry as part of their larger overall mission. 

To accomplish our mission, we are developing the following functions:

A communication link
  -  Newsletter
  -  Meetings
  -  Posters, newspaper ads, and other media

A facilitator
-  Working with volunteers
      1)  Coordinating the efforts of individual volunteers and community                                                                                                  
      2)  Maintaining a data base of the names of volunteers and their contact

  -  Formulating and employing plans of action

An advocate
  -  Communicating with members of our community and with local churches
      and other organizations to make them aware of our goals,
      accomplishments, and needs
   -  Recruiting volunteers--individuals and organizations--to help us
   -  Creating a community presence with newspaper articles, signs, posters,
      ads, etc.

An innovator
Looking for other unmet food needs in the community and trying to find
     ways to address them

An evaluator
Evaluating the successes and/or shortcomings of current projects
  -  Changing approaches if these changes can improve outcomes
  -  Ending efforts that aren’t working

Working year around to serve the children of McLeod County
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